John F. Hanley


Ownership of Les Écréhous has been a bone of contention between the Crown and the French for centuries. Occasionally, a French expedition will land and plant their flag to remind the British that the issue has still not been resolved. It’s not quite as serious as the ownership of the Falkland Islands as oil has yet to be discovered in the area! As soon as one of these “invasions” is discovered, unarmed Jersey police sail over, remove the tricolour and run up the Jersey flag to remind the French to keep their hands off. Jack’s family farm, the fictional Les Carrience, is just out of picture to the left of this photo which shows the full length of the breakwater. This is an illustration of the British Government’s plan to build a large harbour to house elements of the Royal Navy to intimidate the French during the mid nineteenth century. After the breakwater arm was built, the plan was abandoned due to lack of funds. These are a reef of rocky islets roughly five miles to the north east of St Catherine’s and midway between Jersey and the coast of France. The range of tides in this area is one of the highest in the world making the hidden rocks very treacherous. The houses are owned by Jersey residents who often spend weeks at a time there during the summer months.

St Catherine’s and the breakwater.


This area of the breakwater is featured in the climax of “Against The Tide”.


Les Écréhous


At low tide


At high tide