John F. Hanley


Though this photo was taken in the 1960s (I’m behind the goal scorer out of shot), it gives an indication of the theatrical atmosphere created in the arena. The club is still in existence though competitions no longer take place at the Pool. There are two excellent booklets produced by John Fage, a fine diver and swimmer, who has devoted most of his adult life to the Club. 'One Hundred and Twenty Years' and 'Jersey Swimming Club – 135 years in Pictures'. Though no longer used for swimming or diving, occasionally players from the Jersey Water Polo Association, brave the relative cold (after 30 C) indoor pools to stage matches. In the 1930s the only freshwater pool was at the Palace Hotel. Now the island has half a dozen indoor pools the largest of which sits empty on its site at Fort Regent overlooking the town mocking the folly of the politicians who built it in the wrong place and abandoned it in favour of a privately funded pool on the new waterfront.


The outcome was usually the same with the Jersey team grabbing the trophy. I’m bottom left having, if I recall correctly, spent the entire game man-marking the Guernsey captain to stop him getting a hand on the ball.